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Trying to build a clinic on your own?

We get it. It's got to be doable on your own isn't it? Call a builder, call a few other companies and leave them to it. Your friend might be a builder. He did your extension or even your house. Let's examine the possible pitfalls.

These projects are not simple. They involve way more than a build. They are very niche and not even healthcare builders always know the intricate details of an operating theatre. It's also true that every trade or service a build company engages with is then marked up by the builder! This means if you want them to source your lights, equipment and so on you can expect it to be 10% dearer than it should be! Oh, and highly likely over specified. We make these observations based on experience. We exist to get YOU the best deal, to manage all the third parties involved, which will be many.

....and it's not just the build! There are lots of challenges like equipment, third p[arty contracts such as cleaning, clinical waste and so on. There is insurance. There is CQC. There are personnel and there are cashflows. We can help with all of them either directly or through our extensive network of trusted third parties who we have worked with many times.

In recent months we have started to see several projects flounder very badly due to lack of knowledge and / or no-one to coordinate the huge number of factors needed to get a project like this over the line on time and on budget. The Clinic Builders exists precisely for this purpose. If we do not save you more than what we cost (thats not to mention the time saving, keeping you in your place of work) we will give you our fees back. We normally save several times more than we charge.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements. We do not charge for an initial consultation over a zoom meeting. Other video based platforms exist. We just like zoom!

Call Gary on 07525 850679 or email us on

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