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Case Study 1


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Berkshire Grove Hospital

Berkshire Grove Hospital was a full delivery by The Clinic Builders. We helped source the venue by visiting a variety of potential sites and advising on the feasibility before any lease was even contemplated.  Once a venue had been identified we were involved in the negotiation of the lease and direct communication with the landlord aiding our client through the whole process. We then helped with the planning application as the category for an overnight hospital was different to the classification currently on the building. 

We priced the build, major equipment and all anticipated costs throughout the build to enable our client to source funds. The build itself presented many challenges and was as complex as we have undertaken. It was not without issues it is fair to say but our constant advice and presence certainly minimised the issues for our client throughout. 

Project Management

The site was visited weekly during the build and there was constant communciation between the builders, third party contractors and ourselves. We then ensured our client was fully in the picture at every step of the way. The client was very hands on which helped , certainly in respect of the finishes and aesthetic touches which were of a very high standard and look.


Equipment sourcing

A massive part of this project, the equipment was sourced by The Clinic Builders for all major areas such as Theatre lights, Battery systems, Operating trolleys, Anaesthesia and medical gases. Our extensive knowledge and contacts in these ares ensured that  our client got the best prices saving tens of thousands into the bargain. We find many times specifications are often inflated by companies which are not necessary. Our knowledge helps the client get the right equipment for their own specific needs.


Third Party Contracts

The Clinic builders sourced all third party services such as medical gas supply, cleaning, hygiene, clinical waste and more. These are becoming increasingly difficult to find as many providers do not want to take on venues that are not large NHS venues. However, through a diligent approach we managed to ensure all services needed by the hospital were in place for CQC and beyond.



Through budget planning, our client was able to determine how much they needed to complete the project. This project did suffer increases for a variety of reasons throughout but through a close relationship with Admiral Finance, we were able to source more asset finance in particular which helped enormously. This enabled the client to keep their cash in the bank whilst spreading the cost against the asset in an extremely effective and tax efficient way.

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Case Study 2

The Brief

The brief was to find a venue circa 3500 square feet to build a plastic surgery and aesthetic clinic in the Newcastle district. 
The surgeon wanted an operating theatre to give sedation based anaesthesia, treatment rooms and staff admin areas in a modern, clinical setting. 
The surgeon wanted equipment sourcing, CQC pathways in place and a compete build from an empty building through to a finished clinic.
Budgets were in place for the build, rent deposit and equipment prior to the project commencing and a lot of planning went into the project before any financial commitment was made by the client.


How did it go?

After seeing various venues, a venue was decided upon. It was an office type environment in an affluent suburb of Newcastle. The venue was a new build and with stunning features such as a 100 foot long balcony. We marked our the rooms in tape on the empty floor with Gary lay down in the dust to give an idea of the size of an operating table in the proposed theatre. You get total dedication from us!! A builder was sourced locally and the project began with a defined layout and plan decided upon. 

Over the weeks, we slowly purchased all the equipment, engaged with the contractors necessary for the running of the clinic and engaged with key staff to work from the outset. 

There were challenges along the way but the project was completed on budget, thanks in large part to the enthusiastic and consistent input of the clinic owners who took a very active part in the project. We always encourage this as this is part of the excitement of the process! However, not every client has the time or inclination so we are equally happy to take the whole process on ourselves. 

Handover and beyond

The build was completed and CQC registration was completed with no advisory points. The project was completed on time thanks to the extraordinarily good build team and the end result was fantastic as you can see by the picture across! Mr Ali-Khan was delighted with the finished venue and has enjoyed great success since opening. The venue has given him the freedom to operate in his own environment, to control what he does and associated costs. 
Mrs Ali-Khan, an expert aesthetician, has built up new services such as Coolsculpting (unique in the whole region) and now accepts a geographically wide and diverse client base from all over the North East. 
We keep in touch regularly with the clinic as we do all our clients, both current and previous and help in any way we can.

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