Past Projects


Lasemedical - full clinic project

The brief was to find a 3500-3800 square feet venue to build a 1 x theatre based clinic with treatments rooms for an established plastic surgeon and aesthetic practitioner. The project was completed on budget and on time and delivered a superb venue for surgical and aesthetic treatments in an amazing facility.

Our-Clinic-LASE-Clinic-Image-2 (1).jpg

Mallucci London - full clinic project

A very challenging project to find, plan and transform a space in South Kensington into a state of the art, high end clinic with operating theatre and bespoke feel and fit treatment rooms. 
The project delivered an incredible venue seen as one of the leading clinics in London and a blueprint for future clinics in the UK.

Parkway Clinic - theatre fit

This project was a specific fit for two theatres in the Parkway clinic in Swansea. We assessed the clients needs, negotiated with suppliers who had already submitted proposals and recommended equipment. The project delivered 35k of savings against previously quoted equipment leaving two fabulous operating theatres ready for use by plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists and other specialties.