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The Clinic Builders start new projects!

The Clinic Builders have started a further three projects in the last quarter before Christmas. These include a Plastic surgery clinic with minor ops unit North West of London, an Opthamology unit with full theatre in Central London and a Plastic surgery Minor ops unit in West London

All these projects will be finished next year with a variety of challenges faced in each. The central London Opthamology unit is undergoing a full refurbishment right now so we anticipate being able to do the specific theatre work sometime after May. The other two projects we are already onsite and fitting out! Exciting times for the clients.

We are seeing more and more requests as the weight of work cascades down to the private sector. We are seeing enquiries from an every widening number of specialities with live enquiries from general surgeons, opthamologists, neuro surgeons, plastic surgeons and entrepreneurs. The principles are the same so we do not have any issue helping clients, whatever their needs and specifications.

Could this year be the year you take the plunge??

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