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The changing face of private healthcare

Want your own place to operate or work from?

There is little doubt more and more surgeons, doctors, dentists and practitioners want to

have autonomy over what they charge, what they do, where they work and when they work. The situation which Covid has exacerbated the situation as more private hospitals are seconded for NHS work. Many feel this situation will continue for many years. However, wanting your own place is a big challenge. Where do I start? How much does it cost? What is involved?

There are many, many elements to a project like this. From the business plan, the cashflow, the compliance and the whole building process, there are pitfalls along the way which could cost you a huge amount of money and time if you get them wrong. We can help you at each and every stage of your journey. Sometimes we are asked to help right from the initial idea, sometimes we join a project once a building has been found. In each case we can add huge experience, business expertise and help you avoid problems and expense.

This type of project is not without considerable time, expense and some risk. However, the signs are that more and more surgery and treatments will migrate into independent venues as surgeons and clinicians look to take control of their own business and destiny. We can model your business idea to see if it can work through a cashflow and business plan. We can possibly stop you going down a blind alley, or we can re-emphasise the likelihood of success. For a no charge initial zoom conversation, get in touch with us now.

We are on or directly to 07525 850679

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