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Clinic Builders goes from strength to strength - announces 1 day course!

The clinic builders is experiencing unprecedented demand from the private sector. Surgeons and doctors are seeing the writing on the wall in many places they currently work in and are turning to The Clinic Builders for help.

"In some areas, it is apparent that certain specialities are being removed completely from the list of acceptable specialities in hospitals. This means the surgeons are looking for an urgent Plan B for them to treat their patients in the private sector", said Gary Monaghan, founder of The Clinic Builders. "Its a desperate situation for them and independent venues, as we see in many other countries, give the surgeons and doctors ultimate control over their own destiny and brand. These venue are not cheap but with careful planning they can be very profitable in the medium to long term and add significant value to the brand."

This issue is happening up and down the UK and the trend we believe will not reverse. In the US for example, it is entirely normal for office based surgery and treatments to occur on a daily basis, led by a doctor who is responsible for and owns the venue. So long as these venues are well run, well led and in the right circumstances CQC registered there is no reason at all that standards should be anything less than the highest in the industry.

In light of the ever growing interest for this type of venue, The Clinic Builders are delighted to announce a one day course on the subject of Clinic Building. The day will cover ever element of the subject. We have lined up industry experts in the following fields.

  1. Clinic Building project management - The Clinic Builders

  2. Physical building - Apollo Limited

  3. Finance and asset finance - Admiral

  4. Theatre fit out, lights and battery back up - Starkstrom

  5. Electrical regulations - Edward Pearce Limited

  6. Launching a new clinic - Luxe cosmetic consulting limited

The venue is TBC but we are hoping to use a newly finished hospital near Maidenhead. The date will be the 23rd May 2023. For additional details and to book, please contact

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